If you are planning to buy a road bike for daily commuting and can not increase your budget then this article will definately help you in choosing the best budget road bike for yourself.

I have used many budget road bikes in previous years because I believe that for daily commuting their are a lot of affordable options available in the market and you don;t have to pay extra for it.

I am listing some of the best budget road bikes, you can choose anyone from them and you can save a lot of money. All these bikes are really great at this cheap price point.

Savadeck carbon bike

If you can extend your budget a little bit, then this bike would be best for you. It has a carbon fiber frame, which is of great quality. it’s wheel size is about 62.2 centimeters.
This bike comes with Shimano speed control, Shimano sora 2×9 speed Shifter. This bike has both front and back derailleurs of Shimano, which helps to ride this bike on rocky surfaces, plateaus and on difficult terrains very easily.
This bike is the best for beginners. Michelin 700×25C tires are present in this bike.

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This bike is the best for beginners. Michelin 700×25C tires are present in this bike.
Its parts and components are of great quality. This bike comes with a fully internal cable routing which ensures great airflow in the entire bicycle. It comes with a TORAY T800 carbon fiber frame.
It’s overall geometry and design is crafted aerodynamically to provide smooth rides, high speed, and greater control.
The weight of this carbon bike is about 9.8 kilogram and it is available in five different size variants – XL, l, M, S, XS.


This aluminum bike comes in five different colors, and it looks great. It has an aluminum frame, and it comes with a caliper brake style.

This bike will cost you 400 to $459. it is light in weight and constructed with good quality aluminum, which helps to reduce the weight of this bike. This bike is quick, and it has excellent speed. It is highly efficient in transferring power from our foot to the pedal.
A steady frame present in this bike helps to provide stable riding and comfortable adjustment of handlebar and seat. This bike is pretty easy to install; it comes with a quick-release front wheel system. which allows you to install And disassemble this bike easily.


This bike provides a great riding experience. A new and great derailleur helps to ride on rugged terrain pretty quickly. The weight of this bike is 32 lbs. The handle is made up of good quality, durable steel, and the pedals are of alloy and a ball is present in them, which helps in easier rotation.
The saddle is made up of PVC leather, and both front and back derailleurs are of the Shimano TZ series (30,31).
This bike comes with a kickstand for convenient parking.

HILAND 700c Aluminium hybrid bike

It is a hybrid bike coming at an affordable price of $400. This bike comes in silver color. This bike has 180-millimeter mechanical disc brakes. The front and rear 160-millimeter mechanical disc brake in the rear side of the bicycle. These brakes provide excellent stopping power along with efficient control over the bike.

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This bike is fast and swift. It comes with 24 Shimano gears and a grade derailleur, which helps to ride over Hills with utmost comfort. A Shimano thumb grip is present on this bike, which allows to shift the gears correctly. Its design and looks are fantastic, and This bike is excellent for someone who is 5.5 to 6 feet tall. 700C wheels provide a stable and swift ride.

Schwinn faskback carbon bike

The fastback carbon performance road bike is available in five different sizes, from XS to extra large. it comes in a black matte finish, which looks quite premium. It has a carbon fiber frame and caliper brakes.
This bike has Schwinn N LITINED black label Carbon frame. A Shimano race carbon fork is present in this bike.

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Alex R500 alloy double-wall rims are present in this bike, which are durable and long-lasting. Schwinn 700×25c tires are present in this bike, providing a smooth ride and great control during off-road conditions.
It has a drivetrain of Shimano 105 (R5800), which offers 22-speed shifters. Both front and rear derailleurs are of Shimano 105 (R5800).
Its cockpit is of Schwinn S1 race butted alloy, and the S1 race saddle provides ultimate sitting comfort.

Schwinn fastback AL Clarins adult performance road bike.

This bike is available in six sizes- ES ,S,M,L,XL,XXL. It has an aluminum frame, and the wheel size of this model is 28 inches. This bike would be suitable for every age group, from children to adults. All can ride this bike quite easily. It comes with a Shimano Claris sixteen Speed drivetrain, which helps in providing efficient speed shifting. This bike has Alex X2200 double-walled rims. This bike only supports the 700c tires.

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It has Schwinn 700×25c tires, which work flawlessly in rugged, muddy areas. Promax aluminum caliber brakes provide excellent stopping power.
The weight of this road bike is 22.9 lbs.

2019 Cinelli hobootleg Touring bicycle.

The cost of this Bike is 1100 to $1200, it is a bit expensive, but it has lots of features at this price point. It was released in 2019 and available in only green color. It does not have any kind of suspension. It comes in a wheel size of 700×35c. This bike has rim brakes, which provide excellent stopping power.
It is made up of good quality Chromoly steel. This bike has 27 gears and it was manufactured in Taiwan. It has Columbus Chromor double-butted steel frame, which makes it quite durable and strong.
This bike has a Shimano crankset and a cinneli bootleg handlebar, micro shift bar-end shifters.
This bike comes with both front and rear fenders. It has external, full-length cable routing. This Bike has a Columbus Cr Mo Steel fork that provides protection from bumps and shocks.

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All these bikes have great features at an affordable price.


Road bikes are quite essential nowadays because people are using road bikes as a means of transportation, for recreational activities, for sports, and daily exercise.
So, choosing a road bike for yourself is a serious and challenging task, because there are a lot of options available in the market right now.

So, I’m listing down the following features which are crucial while choosing a road bike

  1. Road bike should have narrow wheels and tires
    2 . Road bikes should be comfortable to ride for a longer time
    3. Road bikes should have a drop handlebar because it helps to relax your hands while riding longer.
    4. Bike should have a lighter body preferably of aluminum
    5. Bike must have a robust and solid build quality.

Sometimes Road bikes doesn’t work

Road bikes are not suitable for rugged terrains and difficult areas because they are used in day-to-day life and are generally used on well-paved and metallic roads.

Well, Road bikes are ideal for you if you want to ride about 10 to 140 miles per week. If you’re going to ride longer than 140-150 miles per week, you should choose touring bikes. It would be best if you consider the frame of the bike before buying.

Because the frame material will affect, bike’s overall performance. bikes are usually available in aluminum, carbon fiber frame, and steel.
According to my experience, both frames are pretty good, and it totally depends on your preference and usage.

Although aluminum frames are cheaper But if you can stretch your budget, then a carbon fiber bike would be a better option.

It would be best to look for good quality components in Bike while buying. Shimano is the best company, try to get a bike which comes with Shimano components.

I am listing down the best road bikes for men,

Best road bikes for men

1 Specialized Roubaix Sport:

This Bike is considered the best road bike for men in 2020 because it comes with unique features and good built quality. This Bike has a future shock 1.5 technology for shock protection. And it has a 28- millimeter tire setup, the best part of this bike is its frame and its frame is made up of fact 10 R carbon, it is a relatively durable frame, and its aerodynamics is Perfectly designed.

It has a D shape aerodynamics design. This Bike comes with DTR 470 Swiss disc wheels. The tire size of this by 28 millimeters is slightly bigger than an average road bike. it has a seat tube angle of 74 degrees and a headtube angle of 73.5 degrees. This may give a comfortable and stable ride due to its 28-millimeter-wide tires this Bike is an ultimate allrounder.

Another good feature presenting this Bike is its powerful disc brakes, which
provide you with good control over the Bike. This bike comes with Shimano 105 gearing system and power

transmission is efficient in this Bike. This Bike comes with rigid suspension and a specialized seat post.


  • It has impressive designs and fantastic handling.
  • It comes with good shock protection technology.
  • Its frame is quite brilliant and magnificent.


  • This Bike is slightly heavy
  • it is a little expensive as compared to other bikes in the same niche


This Bike is one of the cheapest bikes in our list, coming with great specifications. This Bike is very efficient and fast comes with excellent specifications, and it is quite a value for money bike in the market.This bike comes with a carbon frame and a 23-millimeter continental GP attack tire in the front position and with a slightly wider 25-millimeter continental GP4 style at the rear end.

The standard cockpit has a bar of dimensions – width 410 millimeters and stems 100 millimeters. The bike includes a good handlebar and an amazing saddle but this Bike is slightly heavy, It comes with Canyon S 27 seat post and a fizik arione 23 saddle.

This Bike comes with DT Swiss ARC 1100 Dicut wheels and a group set of Shimano. The wide carbon Increases the lateral stiffness, and this feature is also present in other bikes at the same price. Shock and vibrations from road are well absorbed, and a comfortable ride is guaranteed On this Bik ultegra8000R disc brakes rotors are also present in this Bike. Total weight of this Bike of approximately 7.4 kilograms.


  • Excellent component quality and specification
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Top-notch speed


  • Bike usually gives a choppy ride on rugged terrains.


This Bike is an affordable option, coming with an aluminum frame and a wheelset of Magic Aksium . This Bike has a fantastic frame and smooth wheels but this Bike is slightly heavier as compared to the carbon frame. The endurance AL disc machine is available in this Bike and this Bike comes with a Shimano tiagra gearing system.

Bike coming in white color and red strips, giving it an exceptionally charming look. The form has aero profiling and hydraulic disc brakes are also present in this Bike


  • This endurance machine is working perfectly.
  • Wheels are smooth
  • Excellent brakes


  • Uncomfortable brakes position
  • The tires could have been better.

FAQs on Best road Bikes for men

Q. What type of gearing system is present in this Bike?

Ans. Shimano tiagra gearing

Q. What is the weight of this Bike?

Ans. This bike weighs around 10 kilograms.


All three of them are quite good. It’s pretty hard to rank these 3 bikes. However, after a lot of research I can say that out of all three Specialized Roubaix sport is the best but you have to pay a little more if you can stretch your budget a little more, this Bike is for you. Otherwise, the rest two bikes are also good, at a low price


Cycling is a great sport. All you need is a great bike, and you’re ready to go. There are a variety of bicycles on the market. Some of them are of steel, while others are of the aluminum frame.

Aluminum bike frames our simulated first time in the 19th century by the St. Louis Refrigerator and Wooden Gutter Company’s Lu-Mi-Num bike company. The majority of new bike manufacturers are now using aluminum for manufacturing the frame of the bike instead of steel and other elements.

biker board

Bikes manufactured by special aluminum features that make them superior some of the qualities possessed by aluminum cycles are mentioned below are comparatively lighter; their weight is usually low compared to the cycles manufactured from steel. Aluminum is a widely available material for lightweight bike frames.

Compared to steel, the steel weight is approximately three times compared to aluminum, making the steel bicycle quite bulkier and more massive than the aluminum bike. The aluminum frame does not require any substantial design change to make itself lightweight.
We usually face the problem of the rusting of the bike’s components in steel bicycles. Still, this problem is nowhere found in aluminum bicycle aluminum bicycles.

Some Highlights of Bikers Guide Cartel

They are resistant to rust and oxidation, which makes them ideal for the wet and humid climate where bikes get a lot of moisture present in the air, causing rusting.
Stiffness determines the rider’s field, providing him stability while sprinting and climbing aluminum bicycles relatively stiff compared to steel bicycles.

Which makes aluminum bikes uncomfortable as compared to carbon and steel bike, which were comparatively comfortable. Now comes the most crucial factor. It is relatively expensive, while on the other hand, aluminum bicycles are cheap and inexpensive.

Due to these above reasons, aluminum bicycles are considered the right choice. I have used many bikes still now, particularly aluminum bicycles. They can easily fit into anyone’s budget, and I’m listing top aluminum bicycles under $500.

1. Schwinn phocus

one of the best aluminum bikes under 500$ comes with unique features. It is an excellent bike with decent equipment and performance at a price. But Schwinn Phocus comes with an issue of quality control and with the bottom bracket.

The problem is with clicking sound just about every revolution when you pedal. you can duplicate it by pushing the crank against the vertical seat post. It will move inward slightly and click.

One of the best features bikes has is the very Premium 16-speed Microshift shifters, and brake levers make for smooth, fast gear changes out on the road. A superior Promax alloy caliper brakes supply crisp with all conditions stopping the feature.-

  • Material = Aluminium
  • Brand=Schwinn
  • Size =16″/Small
  • Colour=Light Blue
  • Wheel size=700 Inches
Schwinn Phocus

2. Eurobike Road Bike XC7000 14

The fantastic bike comes with many handy features like –
The height of this bike is 54 Cm and it is made up of Light Aluminum Frame, and the fork is lighter.

This bike comes with a 16 Speed Shifting system to ensure that you can apply brakes at any speed. Aluminum Caliper brake is provided having excellent stopping power.

This Eurobike is suitable for anyone in your family; it could be your mom or dad. It has many great features that any modern bike should have; it also comes at a great price point. It’s frame, fork, speed, and all other parts were selected carefully so you won’t have any issue with it.

vilano r2 commuter aluminum road bike

The Vilano’s most fantastic feature is the lightweight aluminum frame found in this bike, And that feature is excellent at this relatively low price point. The Vilano R bike’s shifting system is not integrated; you can expect reliable and smooth shifting in this bike. Its weight is Twelve kilograms and manufactured from aluminum. 

It’s a fantastic option if you are planning your first bike, and its low price is another benefit that comes with it.  A triple chainring present in this bike helps you get the most out of a 7 speed rear cog set. It comes with a wheel circumference of 700 CM.

It has a 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Frame, which makes it lightweight. It has 21 Speed Drivetrain to Handle Any Situation, which makes this bike very reliable.A050 Thumb Shifters are also present in the bike

 Finally, a 700c Doubled Walled CNC Machined Wheelset with Quick Release Skewers is present in this bike, which is again superb feature.

Vitus Razor

This bike is excellent for beginners, especially if you love trekking and riding on rugged terrain.
This bike will deliver a comfortable ride, it comes with wide tires providing excellent stability, and A good kit is also present.

The frame comes with the double-butted 6061 aluminum alloy-steerer-tubed fork. The seat stays in this bike is tapering for comfort, and the chainstays are formed in such ways so that they can accommodate wider tires.

This is like a race bike with a comfortable design. The Vitus Razor comes with a Shimano Claris 2×8 gearset, mechanical disc brakes are present in this bike, and a superb finishing kit is also present in this bike.

These features allow you to ride the bike at a little pressure and greater comfort, while other performance losses are not significant.

 Merlin PR7

The Merlin PR7 is a great entry-level value road. Other bikes with similar specifications are almost twice the merlin PR7 bike price. With a gorgeous look and appealing design, it also comes with an excellent gearing system and a solid body, which led to smooth and comfortable riding.

It comes with a sophisticated aluminum frame and a carbon fork, and quality Shimano gearing and those features make this bike an excellent choice. Its lightweight frame, design are exciting at this price point.
The Merlin PR7 is a reliable road bike with a wide range of Gearing.

This bike is perfect for new or non-amateur riders who are just starting to ride for longer distances. This bike has a triple-butted alloy frame and a carbon fork providing exceptional stiffness present in all.

aluminum bikes. Shimano Sora groupset current in this bike offers a crisp and reliable indexed shifting of gears.

Its frame is made of a 6061 series aluminum with rack mount and rear side mudguards. Wheels are of Mavic CXP 22 and Tires are of Kenda road 700 25c.

BAVEL Commuter Aluminum Road Bike

This bike comes with both pros and cons, and it has an aluminum body and some fantastic features that its weight is 27.3LBS, it is Lightweight and this bike comes with a Sturdy Aluminum Frame. 

Both EF-500 shifter and TY-300 derailleur and freewheel are present in this bike. Disc Brakes also comes with this bike. But Gearing is too low for most riders, leading to its slow speeds on flats and spinning downhills terrain.

The Shimano A070 shifter works very well. The bike ride is smooth and can be quick because of the narrow tires. The tires are 23cm, so it’s speedy.

Windsor Wellington 2.0

Windsor Wellington 2.0 is another beautiful yet more uncomplicated and more streamlined alternative to modern road bikes.
It’s super lightweight frame makes it better than many bikes of the same niche.

It weighs is just 24 pounds making it the lightest in its class. The aluminum frame and aerodynamically shape of this bike add more comfort and pleasure to your ride. This frame offers an excellent strength to weight ratio and keeps the bike’s weight to a minimum for easy handling, and offers excellent control over the cycle.

Both EF-500 shifter and TY-300 derailleur and freewheel are present in this bike. Disc Brakes also comes with this bike. But Gearing is too low for most riders, leading to its slow speeds on flats and spinning downhills terrain. The Shimano A070 shifter works very well. The bike ride is smooth and can be quick because of the narrow tires. The tires are 23cm, so it’s speedy.

It comes with a set of 21 gears… This bike gives you full control over it.
These gears provide all of the great features that you need while riding long flats and steepest hills. Another noticeable feature is these Shimano gears are usually found on higher priced models, but this bike is an exception to that.

Conclusion to Aluminium bikes uder 500$

All these aluminum bikes are best under 500$. You can decide and choose any one of them for yourself or your friends and family